Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Word of the Day

came across a reference in an article by the always great Victor Davis Hanson
Dr. Hanson is one of those who is always able to teach me something, and gives some hope, faint perhaps but hope, that the civilization we imagined we had, is not totally lost.  What one has once done, one can aspire to do again, right?

The word is "ochlocracy", a term I confess I'd not previously encountered.  A pity, it captures so well the sad state of our world and our nation.  Read the definition here, and then consider the mobs in Ferguson, or in a hundred other places.  Places where the threadbare lie of "hands up  -- don't shoot" and "Saint Trayvon" and all the rest are known to be lies, but nonetheless one points that out to his own personal peril.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I warned you! Friday, 21 November 2014

back in January of 2013, I warned that we seemed to be seeing the sort of collapse that overtook the Roman Republic (and later, the Roman Empire) and Weimar.  Looks like I was spot-on.
The latest episode, with the President of the United State essentially donning the crown of an Imperator, and proceeding to rule by decree, is the sort of thing I never expected to see in this once-free land.
It ws a nice Republic, while we had it.  But that is, quite clearly, well in the past.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Today's Episode = January 3, 2014 Friday Globaloney

some things are just too funny.  So funny that the self-proclaimed cognoscenti that stink up the coastal areas of North America, and their mouthpieces in the media and academia can' t be troubled to notice them publicly.
One of the funnier ones right now is the ice-bound ship down near Antarctica.  People in the northern hemisphere frequently forget that the seasons are reversed, and it is early SUMMER there.  It seems that a crowd of Global Warming flaks decided to go down to show the awful effects of runaway global warming, with hungry penguins, drowning bears, clear water where they deem that ice "should" be, and all of that.  Problem is, there's more ice in that region than was reliably recorded a CENTURY ago!  More.  Much more!  So much more, that their ship got stuck in the ice.  And could not get out.  The Chinese icebreaker vessel could not get through either, and IT got stuck.  The Australian ice breaker could not get through either, and had to turn back.  Efforts to evacuate the Warmists via helicopter were stalled for days due to horrible cold weather.
Did you note the irony ofa ll of this?  If so, you did well.  The New York Times and it's co-liars somehow missed it.  So did some 94% of all the mass media.  Matter of fact, some flaks in the once-respected magazine Nature just came out at the same week with yet another apocalyptic scare story that global warming is in fact far worse than once thought.
That was right after the IPCC very quietly backed off some of their doom predictions.  Seems that "warming" has not been found in FIFTEEN YEARS!
How does one reconcile this?
Apparently, the would be rulers, the kakistocracy to borrow a term, have chosen to ignore the facts and conceal the matter.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Quick Updtate 2 December and added to link list

Sometimes, no matter how sarcastic one can be, the reality of matters is even more ridiculous.  Sometimes, living the the USA today seems like being inside of an old Mad! magazine story.  You really think these folks are joking.  They're not.  They may be insane, or malevolent, or any of a number of other things, or several simultaneously.  It's not clear what factor or combination of them is at work.
What is clear is that they are serious, and that they have, somehow, acquired temporal power, and that they are, at BEST, oblivious to the damage they do or how stupid it all is.

Examples are not hard to find, though NBC, CNN, ABC, and the NY Times seem to find it so.

Gun control, for example.  Ignore, for the moment, the 2nd Amendment.  The thieves of Ovomit's administration and their butt-kissers certainly do.  Let's see some examples of it in real life.
Let's examine an area with grotesquely heavy-handed gun control laws, and see how that works, shall we?  Let's pick, oh, how about Chicago.  Sound good.  Been under pretty much continuous Democrat governance for a VERY long time, and has very strict rules.  Ought to be a gun-free zone, no firearms related homicides or assaults or the like.  Paradise on earth, right?  Not quite.
Comes now some people at the website Hey Jackass! with some actual data (by the way, you can now find that site on the sidebar links list.).   And the results are, let us say, not quite in keeping with those expectations of paradise on this earth, or at lest in those city limits.  Go, take a look.  As of this moment, they're recording 337 firearms homicides year to date.  Close enough to one per day to make no difference, and we're not to New Year's Eve yet.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the latest crud going -- 15 October 2013

the bad thing about trying to maintain a blog with this focus is that sometimes there is too much material out there, and there is a flood of it.  This is one of those times. 
The kakistocracy, the self-anointed 'Ruling Class", is in full crap display in places like Brussels, from groups like the World Bank and other transnational operations, from whence the title of opprobrium, 'Transnational Progressivism', originates.  They deserve every slam sent their way, and more besides.

But the most visible group of scoundrels these days is the creeps and jerks within the Washington, D.C. beltway.  In particular those scoundrels within the Senate and the Executive Branch of the federal government.  It truly is difficult to characterize these louts without descending into bad language and un-Christian thought patterns.  And, no, wishing that someone might go to Heaven, and hopefully soon as well, is not a proper attitude.  I confess to having been tempted to it, often, lately.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brief Note -- Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sorry that things have been so disarrayed recently.  Hopefully, that will be changing soon.  It is Sunday evening.  Lord willing, this is our last night in Lower Alabama.  Again, Lord willing, this time tomorrow we will be on the highway progressing towards the Greater Cleveland area.  This has been a very very rough month or two, as we make some substantial changes in our lives. Having been away from virtually our entire extended family for more than 20 years, it's like Going Home.  Sort of.  Not sure my real Home is on this earth anyway, but will be nice to see family again.
So come back soon, we hope to have things more in order as possible.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

brief word 1/1/13

been on hiatus
hope to be back shortly.
In the meantime, I see the collection of dunces and knaves in D.C., in the LameStream Media, and in academia are fulfilling the worst definitions of the title of this blog.  They certainly have a high opinion of themselves, as scoundrels are known to do.
So watch the disaster play out.  If you wonder how Greece and France got into their current predictions, or how the Roman Republic collapsed, or perhaps Weimar, just watch.  It's happening in front of us.