Thursday, March 24, 2016

Civilizational collapse again. Still.

Looking at the morning news and messages, I see further evidence of the decay of the society.  I fully expect to see the final collapse in my lifetime, meaning soon, unless we hear the Last Trumpet sound, something I've always expected.  The two may coincide of course.  Perhaps.
As evidence, I offer three items.
  • plain idiocy.  Emory University, a liberal arts college in the Atlanta area that was founded by the Methodists (and followed the degeneration of that crowd), is all upset.  It seems that some anonymous person actually put some words in support of the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, on some sidewalks using chalk.  Now the little snowflakes are trembling in fear and outrage that someone  -- gasp! --- has dared to upset their little world.  See one episode of the story here.
  • Or, some fellow fools at Columbia U have determined that the Belgians are the ones to be blamed for the latest outrage perpetrated by the Moslem heathens there.  Because, well, Islamophobia or something.
  • and then there is the bowing of the National Football League to the wild ravings of the homosexual lobby, the so-called Lavender Mafia.  Rumor has it that some states who are cursed to have NFL franchises within their borders are having the gall to protect bakers and others from having to provide products and services (and loud cheers) to support the weirdest imaginings of the perverts, and allow them to decline to make wedding cakes in honor of homosexual "marriage".  So the NFL is clutching their pearls and threatening to smite someone with their handbags unless the state legislature recants (and, probably, enters re-education camps).  The "bread and circuses" movement going further.  See here.
 More examples may be found.

Collapse is imminent.

Monday, March 7, 2016

new world (dis)-order?

There's a story up at that tells about the 112,500 jobs lost in Ohio, just in 2015, to the other players in the "TransPacificPartnership" crowd.
That's a pretty large number.  That's 112,500 fellow human beings who either lost an existing job, or who now have fewer opportunities.  That's a lot of un-taken vacations, a lot of birthday parties skipped for lack of funds, a lot of stresses, a lot of closed businesses.
It's not a theoretical far-off thing for me. Have been there.  Several times.  The operation that had more business than it could comfortably handle in 1982, closed in 1984.  The division of GM with some 15,000 employees in 1984, down to a few hundred today and dwindling, most of its sites closed.  The operation I was at from 1990-1992 which has undergone a continuous path of downsizing and buyouts and near-closures (the satellite operations in Texas and in Florida have closed).  The operation I was at 1992-1999 which was bought out and gutted, with satellite operations in places like Kansas closed, and much of the remainder consisting of repackaging Chinese- and Mexican-made product for sale.  The operation I was at 1999-2004 closed as part of it's major customer's relocation to Mexico, affecting not only my operation, but nearly a dozen others in the area, all now empty buildings.  The operation I was at 2004-2005 that shut down both my operations in that town, but did so in the middle of my relocation there!  Or the one that I moved to in 2005 that shut down most of its national operations, relocating to "my' place, displacing us and abandoning long-operating facilities in several other states.
I've been there.
The next person who tells me "it's for the best", I may do an injury to.

Lots of blame to go around.  Avaricious bureaucrats.  Avaricious unions.  The worthless bums of the EPA, state and federal.  The acolytes and priests of the "New World Order".  The "citizen of the world" louts.  Creepy tort-feasing lawyers.  And much else.

But that's a lot of cases where someone had to come home and tell the family The Bad News.  I've done it, done it more than most.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A brief January note

There are those who are determined to worship before the altar of the false god called "Education".
Like any other cult, all issues are viewed through the lens of the cult and its belief system.  Worshiping more fully that god will, we are told, solve all problems.  Indeed, we are told, all problems really come about as a result of insufficient deference to, worship of, and sacrifice before that god and that altar.
Yeah, right.
Of course, those priests and priestesses of that cult have arrogated unto themselves the right and duty to interpret and re-interpret and even to re-re-interpret terms, words, and phrases so as to make their "system" seem inevitable.
Then we see contrary evidence.  Odd that they don't.
Here's an example.  A community college in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Soviet Republik of Portland Oregon, is going to devote its hoarded resources so as to spend the entire month of April in something called "White Shaming".  If it reminds you of "thoughtcrimes" in 1984, or the re-education camps of Pol Pot's Cambodia and Mao's China during the Great Cultural Revolution, you're not wrong.  Though the contrast is lost on these fools.
And these are the ones who have inexplicably gained control of the arena of ideas, the LameStreamMedia, much of the Congress, the judiciary, the "alphabet agencies", all too many churches, and the White House.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Stopping in .... almost New Year

we're going to be getting this site back under way in the coming year.  2015 was a tough one, perhaps 2016 will be better.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Word of the Day

came across a reference in an article by the always great Victor Davis Hanson
Dr. Hanson is one of those who is always able to teach me something, and gives some hope, faint perhaps but hope, that the civilization we imagined we had, is not totally lost.  What one has once done, one can aspire to do again, right?

The word is "ochlocracy", a term I confess I'd not previously encountered.  A pity, it captures so well the sad state of our world and our nation.  Read the definition here, and then consider the mobs in Ferguson, or in a hundred other places.  Places where the threadbare lie of "hands up  -- don't shoot" and "Saint Trayvon" and all the rest are known to be lies, but nonetheless one points that out to his own personal peril.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I warned you! Friday, 21 November 2014

back in January of 2013, I warned that we seemed to be seeing the sort of collapse that overtook the Roman Republic (and later, the Roman Empire) and Weimar.  Looks like I was spot-on.
The latest episode, with the President of the United State essentially donning the crown of an Imperator, and proceeding to rule by decree, is the sort of thing I never expected to see in this once-free land.
It ws a nice Republic, while we had it.  But that is, quite clearly, well in the past.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Today's Episode = January 3, 2014 Friday Globaloney

some things are just too funny.  So funny that the self-proclaimed cognoscenti that stink up the coastal areas of North America, and their mouthpieces in the media and academia can' t be troubled to notice them publicly.
One of the funnier ones right now is the ice-bound ship down near Antarctica.  People in the northern hemisphere frequently forget that the seasons are reversed, and it is early SUMMER there.  It seems that a crowd of Global Warming flaks decided to go down to show the awful effects of runaway global warming, with hungry penguins, drowning bears, clear water where they deem that ice "should" be, and all of that.  Problem is, there's more ice in that region than was reliably recorded a CENTURY ago!  More.  Much more!  So much more, that their ship got stuck in the ice.  And could not get out.  The Chinese icebreaker vessel could not get through either, and IT got stuck.  The Australian ice breaker could not get through either, and had to turn back.  Efforts to evacuate the Warmists via helicopter were stalled for days due to horrible cold weather.
Did you note the irony ofa ll of this?  If so, you did well.  The New York Times and it's co-liars somehow missed it.  So did some 94% of all the mass media.  Matter of fact, some flaks in the once-respected magazine Nature just came out at the same week with yet another apocalyptic scare story that global warming is in fact far worse than once thought.
That was right after the IPCC very quietly backed off some of their doom predictions.  Seems that "warming" has not been found in FIFTEEN YEARS!
How does one reconcile this?
Apparently, the would be rulers, the kakistocracy to borrow a term, have chosen to ignore the facts and conceal the matter.