Wednesday, January 31, 2018

So Much For A Free People

I copied this from another site.  The author was anonymous, so I can't give credit.

Our Govt, at the behest of anti Liberty Democrats has far over reached from its intention.

  • If you roll a ball down a hill in a national park, you could go to federal prison [see 36 CFR §2.1(a)(3)].
  • If you sell vegetable egg noodles that aren't ribbon-shaped, you could go to federal prison [see 21 USC §331, 343(g) & 21 CFR §139.160(b)].
  • If you play croquet without a permit in any national park in Washington, DC, you could go to federal prison [see 18 USC §1865 & 36 CFR §7.96(b)(1)].
  • If you leave the US with more than $25 worth of pennies, you could go to federal prison [see 31 USC §5111(d)(2), 31 CFR §82.1(b) & 82.2(a)(2)].
  • If you write a letter to a pirate, you could go to federal prison [see 18 USC §1657].
  • If you are a falconer and let a non-falconer care for your falcon for more than 45 days in a row, you could go to federal prison [see 16 USC §707 & 50 CFR §21.29(d)(7)].
  • If you ride a bike in Fort Stewart and the pedal, at its lowest, is more than 12" above the ground, you could go to federal prison [see 18 USC §1382 & 32 CFR §636.27(h)].
  • If you sell margarine at retail in packages larger than one pound, you could go to federal prison [see 21 USC §§331(m), 333 & 347(b)(2)].
  • If you commingle avocados traveling from Hawaii to Alaska with things traveling to other states, you could go to federal prison [see 7 USC §7734 & 7 CFR §318.13–21].
  • If you make an offer to buy a leaky egg, you could go to federal prison [see 21 U.S.C. §1037, 1041(a) & 1033(g)(6)].

Saturday, July 22, 2017

And now, the Mark of the Beast

"Voluntary" of course.  For now, at least. 

See the article, pretty much a  puff piece, at

Wisconsin Company To Implant Microchips In Employees

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Anyone wonder why this blog has this name?

"kakistocracy"   the rule by the LEAST worthy, LEAST fit, LEAST honorable.
And, generally, by the least accountable.

Like many, I grew up thinking that "rule" implied the pageantry of position.  The trumpets (and strumpets sometimes) that went along with the dukes baron, czars, etc. that we associate with the Romanovs of Russia, the Bourbons of France, the series of dynasties in China, Egypt, and England and Imperial Japan, and the like.  The crowns and parades and castles and such.  That is true, but only up to a point.
"Rule" means power.  And sometimes that power is  exerted openly and publicly.  Sometimes it's not.

And power in this case doesn't mean electrical power or steam power or the like, not power in the sense that a physicist or mechanical engineer would use it.  Power means the ability to order the lives of other human beings.  And sometimes it is exerted by those who prefer to remain faceless and anonymous, being both unelected and unaccountable, as surely as any czar ever was.

Think me wrong? 
Give me the name and photograph of the person who decreed the "allowable" volume of the flush tank on your toilet.  Can you?  Unlikely..
Who decreed the allowable designs of the bulbs that light your kitchen, bath, or living room?  Doing any better?
Who is it who decided what the "allowable", even required, miles per gallon rating on a new car must be?  Or that your gasoline must contain a certain percentage of the ethanol that is destroying the engine while also causing soil damage and higher prices for corn around the world?  Who is it who decreed that public schools must include in their curricula praise for homosexuality and Islam, while damaging the teaching of arithmetic, history, handwriting, and reading, while also hindering the ability to maintain order?

We've seen, just in the last 10 days, unelected judges in the most overruled court in the nation, decree that persons living in other nations have the same rights under the US Constitution as do American citizens, pulling said ruling out of the neither regions of their alimentary canal.  And who regard honest disagreement as being criminal "hate speech".

Ruling by decree might have been accepted, grudgingly, under the Bourbons, Romanovs,  or Tudors.  It is incompatible with pretensions of self government under a written Constitution.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

As France Collapses Further, Now Wolves Roam the Streets, Unchecked

The complete collapse of a civilization is an interesting thing.  Like a train wreck in slow motion, one hates to watch but can't quite look away.  So long as one is a safe distance from it, of course.  At close range, it rapidly loses its entertainment value.

This is, perhaps, most notable in those "it can't possibly happen" situation.  There have been many shipwrecks, for example, but we remember the Titanic because all the "experts" loudly assured everyone that it was "UNSINKABLE!".  Until it did, of course.

Back when the "progessives", the "elites" of the Globalist crowd, assured everyone that, with rise of the technocrats into power, the world's problems were rapidly being solved for all times.  Remember all the yakking about "the end of History", as Mankind marched forward into a Glorious Future???

Remember any of that?  Some of it came about after the War  To End All Wars, a.k.a. World War One,was ending, and the League of Nations would solve everything.  Or when the 'agrarian reformers" took over and Russia and some captive lands became the Soviet Union, encouraged by academics, "progressives", and more than a few priests and pastors in the so-called "Western World"?  Or, later, when the United Nations was formed, or the World Trade Organization, or any of a similar set of globalist international cooperative efforts took form. Or, later, when the Soviet Union collapsed?  They even ignored the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and completely ignored the rise of Islam.
But they were the experts.  They said so.  People, oddly, believed it.

The European Union, the bastard offspring of the Common Market, and its constituent states, provides a ready and shameful exhibit of this.  Now we have invaders, the sort that in an earlier time, Charles Martel and those like him, met with every military force they could scrape together. Now, these invaders are welcomed, their basic needs met, their lusts appeased, and their depredations concealed from the victims and future victims.
It's an overwhelming thing.
And not all of those invaders are human either.  Some are four-legged predators.  But those who are likely to be the prey of them are forbidden by other "experts", the "Superior Beings", from dealing forthrightly with the matter.
Here is just one example.  A command from On High to the French citizenry to not be concerned about WOLVES roaming the streets of their cities, seeking out tasty toddlers perhaps.  After, for now at least they are simply "lone wolves", not the wolfpacks that can be so deadly.
And wolves, like MUSLIME jihadi's bent on the death of decent people, are classed as "protected", and one dare not defend oneself nor call out the plain truth.

Check out this story in the Mirror out of the UK.

But don't laugh too hard.  We have coyotes, at least, in Central Park, New York City.  And mutliple reports of same in places like San Francisco and elsewhere.  And the like.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Civilization's Collapse

Sometimes, it's interesting to look back a few years, to look again at the warnings that were uttered, the ones that were ignored at the behest of all the In-Crowd types.  The warnings that are playing out.
It's not a whole lot of fun, actually.  It's scary in fact.
We don't teach history any more, not really.   We have persons in the voting booth who know NOTHING about the history of the world or of our civilization.  Who know NOTHING of the history or structure or laws of their country.  Who seem to think that history, or more properly, History, began around 1988 or so. If not after.  Who don't know who the antagonists were in World War 1, or WW 2 for that matter.  Who think that the Constitution really does demand that taxpayers fund their tampons, or condoms, or "sex change" or desired life styles.
I know some of them.  Perhaps you do as well.
And their descendants will be worse.

Out of this, do you  really think that things we hold dear and part of the natural order, will still be intact in 100 years?  or 50 years?  Or 20?  Or 10??
Look at things in Milwaukee before you answer.  Or Baltimore.  Or Houston.  Or New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Oakland, Newark, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Birmingham, or any of a number of other places I could list.  And that's just in the U.S.  Nairobi, Cologne, London, Paris, Nice, and several others.
Gonna get bad, real bad.

And we were warned.  Many times in many ways and all of them ignored.
I was looking up some old links this morning.  Found one dating back to 2006 by Orson Scott Card.  Title is Civilization Watch 

How ya doing?

Everybody enjoying the political cycle we're in?
OK, is anyone enjoying it?
There are some points I like.
It's been interesting, to say the least, to hear the squawks of, not just the Legion of the Perpetually Aggrived Social Justice Warriors, but also the screeches amongst the "connected" types of what we are clearly seeing to be the Uni-Party in this country.  And, likewise, the upset within the Globalist types worldwide.  Not "just" from what's being called Brexit, the British referendum to get the heck out of the E.U.  But also the screeches from those persons enraged at the Trump phenomenon, wanting to shut down his calls to re-evaluate NATO, or to bow to the false gods of "multiculturalism", political correctness, open borders, TPP, NAFTA, the UN, and much else.  Perhaps even the noxious GATT, G-20, etc.  And the death knell of the North American Union and much else.
Interesting to see which names pop up.  Interesting to see the bad behaviors of the crowds around publications like Weekly Standard, National Review, and several others.  As we watch known names like George Will, Rich Lowery, Charles Krauthammer, show their elitist colors.

It's not pretty.  But it is necessary and long overdue.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Civilizational collapse again. Still.

Looking at the morning news and messages, I see further evidence of the decay of the society.  I fully expect to see the final collapse in my lifetime, meaning soon, unless we hear the Last Trumpet sound, something I've always expected.  The two may coincide of course.  Perhaps.
As evidence, I offer three items.
  • plain idiocy.  Emory University, a liberal arts college in the Atlanta area that was founded by the Methodists (and followed the degeneration of that crowd), is all upset.  It seems that some anonymous person actually put some words in support of the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, on some sidewalks using chalk.  Now the little snowflakes are trembling in fear and outrage that someone  -- gasp! --- has dared to upset their little world.  See one episode of the story here.
  • Or, some fellow fools at Columbia U have determined that the Belgians are the ones to be blamed for the latest outrage perpetrated by the Moslem heathens there.  Because, well, Islamophobia or something.
  • and then there is the bowing of the National Football League to the wild ravings of the homosexual lobby, the so-called Lavender Mafia.  Rumor has it that some states who are cursed to have NFL franchises within their borders are having the gall to protect bakers and others from having to provide products and services (and loud cheers) to support the weirdest imaginings of the perverts, and allow them to decline to make wedding cakes in honor of homosexual "marriage".  So the NFL is clutching their pearls and threatening to smite someone with their handbags unless the state legislature recants (and, probably, enters re-education camps).  The "bread and circuses" movement going further.  See here.
 More examples may be found.

Collapse is imminent.